A Tale of Friendship – animal story with moral in english

A Tale of Friendship – animal story with moral in english (Kids story):

Once upon a time, in a village near a big forest, there lived a boy named Adarsh. He didn’t have any friends, so he spent most of his time wandering around the hills nearby. One sunny day, while exploring near a hill, he stumbled upon a small stork, just a baby. The stork was hurt, so Adarsh carefully brought it home and started taking care of it. As days passed, Adarsh and the stork, whom he named Saras, became the best of friends. Saras would follow Adarsh everywhere he went, flying alongside him. Adarsh was overjoyed to have found such a wonderful friend in Saras. But their happiness didn’t last long. It turned out that storks were an extinct species of bird. When the authorities found out that Adarsh was keeping an extinct bird, they took Saras away and sent it to the zoo.

A Tale of Friendship - animal story with moral in english (Kids story):
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Adarsh was heartbroken without his friend, and Saras became very sick in the zoo. No matter what the doctors tried, they couldn’t make Saras better. Finally, they called Adarsh to the zoo. When Saras saw Adarsh, he became excited and started jumping around in his cage. Adarsh fed him from his hands, and Saras ate eagerly. The zoo officials realized that Saras was deeply attached to Adarsh and couldn’t live without him. So, they decided to return Saras to Adarsh, and even promised to cover the expenses for taking care of him. Adarsh was overjoyed to have his friend back, and their friendship blossomed once again. And so, Adarsh and Saras lived happily ever after, exploring the hills together and enjoying each other’s company.

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