(English Story with Moral)- The Night of Examination

The Night of Examination – (English Story with Moral) (Brave father story):

Once upon a time, there was a happy family with a dad, a mom, and their son, Prince. Prince was a cheerful seven-year-old boy, and his dad worked as a clerk in a bank. He loved his family very much. One day, Prince wanted to go somewhere, but his mom couldn’t take him alone because his dad was busy with work. Prince got upset and sat down grumpily. When his dad came home, he noticed Prince’s sad face and asked what happened. Prince’s mom explained the situation, and his dad chuckled and promised to take them out soon. The next day, Prince’s dad went to work and found out he had to go to another city for a whole week starting the next day. But instead of feeling sad, he thought it was a good chance to take his family on a trip. So, he happily agreed to go out. When he got home, he excitedly told his wife to get ready quickly because they were leaving that evening. But just as they were about to leave, dark clouds gathered, and it started raining heavily. Prince’s dad quickly got the car ready and called his wife to come inside. “Hey, hurry up, the rain might get heavier. We have to reach the other city soon,” said Prince’s father as he rushed to get the car ready. Prince’s mother quickly got into the car with her son and some luggage, and the whole family set off for the other city. Prince thanked his father excitedly, saying, “Papa, we will go there and have a lot of fun.” Papa agreed with a smile.

The Night of Examination - (English Story with Moral)
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Suddenly, heavy rain started pouring down, making it hard to see through the front glass of the car. Prince’s father slowed down the car, but the rain kept coming down. Prince got scared and nestled his head in his mother’s lap. Seeing his son frightened, Prince’s father tried to keep them safe by driving cautiously. But as the rain kept pouring, Prince’s father realized they wouldn’t make it if they continued driving so slowly. So, he decided to speed up, even though it was hard to see ahead because of the raindrops. Then, disaster struck. The car lost its balance and plunged into a river, getting stuck on the bridge over it. Prince, his mother, and father were all terrified as the water level in the river rose rapidly. They slid from the back seat to the front, clinging to each other for safety. Prince’s father tried to reassure them, saying, “Son, don’t move, just sit quietly in the car. The rain is very heavy, but I’ll find a way to get us out of here.” Peering out the window, he saw the river’s current reaching the tires of the car, and they all felt a sense of dread. Realizing they might not survive if they stayed in the car, Prince’s father came up with a plan. He asked his wife to take out a saree from the bag, tied a knot in it, and threw it with all his strength towards a pillar of the bridge. After several attempts, the knot of the saree finally caught onto the pillar. The family clung to the saree, hoping it would hold them long enough for help to arrive. In the dark, rainy night, they remained stuck on the bridge, facing a daunting challenge together.

The Night of Examination - (English Story with Moral) (Brave father story):
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First, Prince’s father tried to help his wife using the saree. It was a perilous scene, with strong waves below them and the challenge of reaching the top of the river bridge. Despite the danger, Prince’s mother showed great courage. Slowly, she opened the back door of the car and began climbing up with the help of her saree. After much struggle, she managed to reach the top. Seeing his wife’s bravery, Prince’s father tied their child to the end of the hanging saree. He asked his wife to pull their child up, and she did so successfully. Just as the child was safely pulled up, the car slid further down into the water. Prince’s mother shouted for them to hurry, and the car plunged into the river. Both mother and son began crying loudly, sitting on the bridge in the dark, drenched by the rain. Feeling like everything was lost, Prince’s mother gathered her courage and decided to take her child and leave. However, they heard a voice from behind calling out “Prince.” They turned around to see Prince’s father climbing up, holding onto the end of the saree. Thankfully, he had held onto it when the car fell, preventing himself from falling into the river. Prince’s mother quickly supported him, and together they pulled him up onto the bridge. Once safely on the bridge, Prince’s father took his family into his arms. Prince hugged his father tightly, crying, and said, “Papa, I don’t want to go anywhere, just never stay away from me.” Papa smiled, hugging his child and wife tightly.

The Night of Examination - (English Story with Moral) (Brave father story): best kahani
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They moved away from the bridge and found shelter under a tree, waiting for morning to come. When morning arrived, news of the accident spread, and arrangements were made to send the entire family home safely. And so, the harrowing ordeal came to an end, with the family reunited and safe once again.

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