Worthless Son- (father and son story in english)

Worthless Son (Good moral stories)- father and son story in english (True motivational stories):

Good moral stories- Parents have many expectations from their children and according to their expectations, they give education to their children but sometimes, some children move in a different direction beyond the thinking of their parents. Worthless Son is like this, the story of a boy, whose name was Mohan. Mohan was a careless boy by nature, hence he used to spoil all his work, due to which he and his parents had to suffer the consequences. Mohan’s parents were always worried about Mohan’s future. Mohan had left his college studies incomplete and started spending the whole day loitering. Mohan had no purpose in life. He was the only worthless son of his parents. On which his parents did not feel proud, but felt ashamed. However, this did not make much difference to Mohan. One day Mohan’s father asks him to bring goods from the market. For which after giving some money and list of goods to Mohan, he goes to his work. As soon as Papa leaves, Mohan goes to the market with his friends and buys everything as per the list and goes to watch a movie in the theater with his friends.

Worthless Son (Good moral stories)- father and son story in english (True motivational stories): best kahaniya
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Mohan has a lot of fun with his friends in the film. After the film ends, Mohan returns to his home. Mohan’s father is sitting in a chair watching TV. He asks Mohan about the luggage. Mohan immediately sees his empty hands and gets nervous because the luggage bag is not in his hand. He says to his father, “Papa, I have given the bag to my friends. Don’t worry, I will bring the bag tomorrow.” Mohan had lost the bag. Because of this he does not sleep the whole night. Early in the morning, Mohan reaches his friends’ house before his father wakes up and asks them for help in finding his bag. All Mohan’s friends reach the same theater where he had gone to watch the movie. The movie theater owner tells them that yesterday the movie show was housefull, hence there was a huge crowd of spectators. It will be very difficult to trace the bag. Mohan becomes very disappointed. He tells his friends. If I don’t get this stuff, my father will be very angry.Mohan’s friends want to help him, so they all mix a little money and give it to Mohan and say that Mohan will buy all the same things again and give it to Papa. Mohan becomes happy as soon as he gets help from his friends and again buys the goods as per the list and goes home. This time Mohan’s mistake was covered up by his friends, but other milestones in his life were yet to come. Mohan’s father gets a recommendation for Mohan’s job from one of his friends, due to which Mohan gets a job as a machine operator in a good factory, although Mohan does not want to do the job, but he does it for a few days, to his father’s happiness. Starts going to work in factories for. Within a few days of working in the factory, Mohan starts feeling lazy and starts neglecting his work.

Worthless Son (Good moral stories)- father and son story in english (True motivational stories): top kahaniya
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One day Mohan’s duty starts at six in the morning. Due to staying awake till late night, Mohan is unable to get enough sleep, so after reaching the factory, he starts sleeping sitting in a chair. At the same time, Mohan’s supervisor asks him to open the “raw material wastage chamber” of the machine, which was opened by pressing a button. Mohan presses the button to start the machine in his sleep, due to which a worker’s hand gets crushed by the belt of the machine and breaks. As soon as the accident occurs, there is chaos in the factory. Workers crowd around the machine. Mohan loses his sleep after hearing people screaming. He gets up from his chair and starts running with the crowd. Then Mohan realizes that the laborer’s hand is broken because of his mistake. Suddenly he starts feeling nervous. His body starts trembling. He runs to his home, hiding his face from the crowd and on reaching home tells everything to his father. Mohan’s father’s anger reaches sky high. He already considered Mohan as an worthless son and now Mohan had committed such a big mistake, for which he could have had to go to jail, he angrily throws Mohan out of the house. Mohan was very sad because of the accident and his father also threw him out of the house. All his ways of survival were closed. He had decided that he would commit suicide and to commit suicide by train, he reached the railway station and started waiting for the train to arrive. Just then, with a loud horn sound, a train enters the railway station. As soon as the train arrives, Mohan stands at his place and makes up his mind to jump onto the tracks.

Worthless Son (Good moral stories)- father and son story in english (True motivational stories): amazing kahaniya
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As the train approaches, Mohan’s heartbeat starts increasing and as the train reaches closer to Mohan. He jumps in front of a train to commit suicide, but at that very moment he bumps into a man carrying a big bag in his hand. Due to the collision, Mohan falls far away and his life is saved. Mohan picks up the passenger’s bag and gives it to him, but Mohan feels too much weight in the bag and as soon as Mohan opens the chain of the bag, he gets shocked. An electronic timer bomb was activated inside the bag, according to which the bomb was going to explode in the next 10 minutes. Mohan starts running out of the station with the bag. Suddenly that man also runs after Mohan. In his panic, Mohan loses his balance and falls on the floor of the railway platform. At the same time, the man running behind Mohan reaches him and picks up his bag but his luck is bad because the railway police personnel have reached there and seeing them, Mohan loudly points towards the bag. , starts shouting bomb-bomb. Hearing Mohan’s voice, the Railway Police personnel point their guns at the person who has a bag containing a bomb in his hand. Mohan tells the police that the bomb is going to explode in the next 10 minutes., A railway police personnel, showing his bravery, runs towards the railway yard carrying the bag and with all his strength, throws the bag away from the passengers and suddenly there is a huge explosion, which damages a coach of a goods train parked in the railway yard. It happens, but the lives of the passengers are saved. Police investigation revealed that the man was a terrorist who wanted to carry out a blast in a train, but Mohan had foiled his plans. As soon as the news of such a big incident is published in the newspapers, the whole city comes to know about Mohan’s bravery. There is a queue of journalists, neighbors and relatives at Mohan’s house and meanwhile Mohan returns to his home. Mohan’s father hugs his son. He was feeling very proud of his son today. Why not, the worthless son had done a work that was so worthy. Because of Mohan’s good work, he becomes a worthy son of his parents as well as the entire country and with this the story ends.

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